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Important Evidence Must Be Preserved

The Providence Police arrested L.C. and charged him with the serious offense of using a knife to threaten a cab driver and get out of paying the fare- felony assault with a dangerous weapon and robbery.  L.C. was already on felony probation, so he was held without bail and faced a serious jail sentence for the probation violation.  Kara Hoopis Manosh met with L.C. immediately, and listened to the truth about that night.  She sent an investigator to obtain video surveillance and was able to secure the only copy of the video.  At the violation hearing, the prosecutor realized that he should have sent the police to get the video.  They tried to get it over the lunch break... but were told that the only copy was in the hands of the defense.  The prosecutor asked Kara, "Can I see the video?" and Kara smiled and said, "Sure, you'll see it when I play it during the hearing." The cab driver testified and lied through his teeth.  He crumbled under cross-examination and then had nothing to say when the video was played and completely contradicted his story.  The judge found NO VIOLATION, L.C. was RELEASED from prison and all charges were dismissed. 

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