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When your life is turned upside down because your family member has been charged with a felony crime, you need a law firm that has unmatched experience and cares as much about your case as you do. 

We are the lawyers that you call when you’re serious about putting up the best defense. We have helped countless families in situations just like yours to find a path to get your family safely through the nightmare of a felony allegation.

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Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys is located at 101 Dyer St, Suite 2D, Providence, RI 02903, United States. We are open 24/7. Contact us at (401) 854-7794.

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Welcome to Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys, where we understand the anxiety that you face when you or a loved one is charged with a serious crime.  In addition to powerhouse criminal defense representation, we offer guidance and support for families facing the criminal justice system. We handle the most serious cases and work tirelessly to create a plan of action, fight for your loved one’s rights and freedom, and guide your family towards the best possible outcome. We promise to serve as your unwavering advocates, fighting for your family’s best interests every step of the way.

35+ Years of Combined Experience in Criminal Law

With our experienced defense team, Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys stands out as a trustworthy and reliable source of guidance throughout this legal minefield. Our commitment to fighting for your loved one’s future and our in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system ensures that we can build the best possible defense.  We have dedicated our entire careers – over 35 years and thousands of cases of combined experience – to fighting for the rights of the accused.  We joined forces to bring this unmatched experience to each and every case, client and family. 

With our Rhode Island criminal defense attorneys by your side, you’ll feel the immediate relief of having an experienced defense team working to protect you and your loved ones in every way. We are dedicated to helping you get your life back on track and securing the most favorable outcome for your family.

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Don’t let this allegation shatter your family’s future. Harness the power of our skilled lawyers by contacting us today to schedule your free consultation and strategy session. With our support, unlock the potential to regain the life you and your family once knew.

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who can attest to our legal expertise, unwavering dedication, and life-changing support, propelling your family towards a brighter and worry-free future. Trust the experience and expertise of Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys and take the first step towards reclaiming control over your future.

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