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A conviction can lead to life in prison or loss of certain civil rights and alienation from society if there is no life sentence. There’s no question that such a serious charge requires aggressive representation. – a Providence murder lawyer who understands the system inside out.

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How Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help If You’re Arrested For Murder in Providence

How Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help If You’re Arrested For Homicide in Providence

Facing a murder charge in Rhode Island threatens your freedom and future. During such overwhelming times, you need solid legal help, which is what Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys steps in to provide for clients facing these charges. Our attorneys have 36 years of combined experience and have successfully helped those accused of even the most serious of criminal offenses.

Here’s how our award-winning Providence criminal defense lawyers can help if you choose us to represent you:

When you hire our top-rated murder lawyers in Providence, you can expect us to:

If you were charged with murder in Providence, don’t hesitate to contact Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation.

Overview of Murder Laws in Rhode Island 

In Rhode Island, as with most jurisdictions, murder generally refers to the act of causing the death of another person. This legal term includes a wide range of circumstances, from instances where someone died purely due to an accident or unintentionally due to another’s reckless actions, like driving under the influence.

It also covers scenarios when somebody is killed through an act done intentionally with “malice aforethought,” which implies there was premeditation or intention involved.

The specific homicide charges that can apply in Rhode Island can include:

First Degree Murder 

First Degree Murder is murder with premeditation or killing during the course of certain felony crimes.

Second Degree Murder

Second Degree Murder is an unlawful killing where the intent to kill was “momentary or fleeting,” and not premeditated.

Felony Murder

This is charged when someone dies during the defendant’s commission of, or when attempting to commit, certain felonies such as arson, sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, or drug trafficking, among others. For felony murder charges to apply, you don’t need to have intended for anyone to die.

Additionally, In Rhode Island, you can be charged with any type of Murder if you are accused of aiding and abetting the person who actually committing the killing.”

Voluntary Manslaughter 

This is charged when someone kills another individual in the heat of passion or during a sudden altercation, with no prior intent to kill. This charge typically surfaces from situations relating to fights arising suddenly or reasonable provocations.

Involuntary Manslaughter 

Involuntary manslaughter often refers to unintentional killings stemming from reckless or criminally negligent actions or unlawful acts not amounting to felonies (misdemeanors or other unlawful acts). This means that while the actions leading to death were carried out willfully, there’s no requirement to prove intent to kill. 

This is not an exhaustive list of the crimes you can be charged with when facing accusations of causing someone’s death, but they are some of the most common. 

What Are the Penalties for Homicide in Providence, Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, murder charges carry severe penalties which can significantly impact the rest of your life. The implications for each type of homicide charge are determined by its severity:

First-Degree Murder

If convicted of first-degree murder in Rhode Island, you face life imprisonment.

Second-Degree Murder

A conviction for second-degree murder requires a minimum 10-year sentence, and you face up to life in prison. 

Felony Murder 

Being convicted of felony murder in Rhode Island is categorized as a capital felony offense, which carries one of the harshest penalties – up to life imprisonment.


A manslaughter conviction can come with a prison sentence of no more than 30 years. However, for this particular charge, there’s no mandated minimum sentence. 

There may be circumstances in which aggravating factors increase penalties for these crimes as well. Understanding the extent and severity of these crimes illustrates how important it is to speak with a criminal defense attorney. 

What Defenses Can Be Raised if I’m Arrested for Murder in Providence? 

If you’re facing a murder charge, there are several possible defense strategies that can be raised. Here are some of the most prevalent:


You can argue self-defense when your actions were necessary to preserve your own life, or to protect someone else’s life, as long as the force used was reasonable.

In Rhode Island, you have a duty to try to retreat before resorting to deadly force (unless you were in your home). This makes it essential to work with a lawyer so they can prove your actions meet the requirements of this defense. 


Asserting a successful alibi defense requires proof that you were elsewhere when the incident occurred, making it impossible for you to have committed the alleged crime. This can be substantiated through witness testimony, surveillance footage, or any other evidence that can prove you were somewhere else.

False Accusations

The sad truth is that people can make false accusations. These can be mistaken or malicious. A solid defense strategy will investigate everything about the allegation and who is making it… and why.

No Intent To Kill

For some charges, showing that you lacked the intent to kill can reduce the degree of your offenses – for example, reduce a first-degree murder charge to a manslaughter charge. This involves presenting evidence proving that there was no premeditation involved or arguing that negligence instead of purposeful actions led to such a tragic outcome.

These serious cases require trial lawyers who have significant experience defending murder charges. At Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys, we bring to the table decades of experience defending the most serious charges, the most serious crimes, and the most serious injustices imaginable.

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We understand what’s at stake with a murder charge – your freedom, rights, and ultimately, the life you currently have. When accused of such a serious crime, there is no time to lose. 

Contact Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Providence murder attorney who can help you navigate the complexities and challenges that accompany these charges.

Providence Murder Lawyer Review

Providence Murder Lawyer Review

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