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How Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help if You’re Arrested for a Sex Crime in Providence

How Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help if You’re Arrested for a Sex Crime in Providence

Being arrested for a sex crime in Providence, Rhode Island, can be both complex and distressing. At Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys, we’re fully equipped to provide the guidance and defense you need in such difficult circumstances. 

Our Providence criminal defense attorneys have 36 years of combined experience and have successfully helped clients respond to virtually all types of charges.

Here’s how we can help you:

If you’re dealing with sex crime charges in Rhode Island, don’t face it alone. Reach out to Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorneys today to set up a free case review. We’ll fight for you every step of the way.

Overview of Sex Crimes in Rhode Island 

In the State of Rhode Island, sex crimes are treated very seriously and are usually classified as felonies. These offenses come with severe penalties, including substantial fines and significant prison time. In most cases, a conviction for a sex offense also requires you to register as a sex offender if you plead guilty or have been convicted.

Some of the most common sex crime charges include the following: 

First-Degree Sexual Assault

This crime occurs when the accused engages in sexual penetration with an individual who has a mental disability or incapacitation – or who is otherwise helpless. The act can be executed through force, coercion, concealment, or surprise for sexual arousal or gratification purposes; this also includes incidents of sexual assault during medical treatment or examination.

Second-Degree Sexual Assault

Second-degree sexual assault occurs when the accused engages in sexual contact with another a person who is incapacitated, mentally disabled, or physically helpless. It can also arise when sexual contact is achieved through force, surprise, or coercion. Additionally, prosecutors can charge a person for second-degree sexual assault if they engage in medical treatment or examination of the victim for sexual arousal or gratification.

Child Pornography

Under Rhode Island law, the creation, possession, and distribution of child pornography is prohibited. More specifically, it is illegal to:

If you’re facing these charges, always speak with a lawyer, as they carry very severe consequences. 

Statutory Rape (Third-Degree Sexual Assault)

In Rhode Island, statutory rape is referred to as third-degree sexual assault. This involves sexual activity between an adult and a person below the age of consent (16 years old). It also applies to certain sexual activity with a person under the age of 18. 

Indecent Exposure

To prove a case of indecent exposure, the following three elements must be present:

Proving all of these elements would lead to a conviction.

What Are the Penalties for Sex Crime Convictions in Providence, Rhode Island?

If you have been convicted of a sex crime in Providence, Rhode Island, the penalties can be severe:

First-Degree Sexual Assault

The penalty includes at least 10 years in prison all the way up to a life sentence.

Second-Degree Sexual Assault

The penalty includes a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 15 years imprisonment.

Third-Degree Sexual Assault (Statutory Rape)

The penalty imposed for such a conviction could include a prison term of up to 5 years.  

Child Pornography

For possession of child pornography, penalties can include up to 5 years in prison. If you’re convicted of transferring child pornography, then you could face even more severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to 15 years. 

Indecent Exposure

Penalties for this offense are based on whether you’re faced with a first offense or subsequent offenses. A first offense is classified as a misdemeanor and carries up to 1 year in jail. A subsequent indecent exposure charge is a felony and carries up to 3 years in prison. 

Along with these potential penalties, if convicted of any of these sexual offenses in Rhode Island, individuals are usually required to register as sex offenders. 

This registry is public record and can influence many aspects of your life, including housing and employment opportunities, where you’re allowed to live, visitation with your children, and more, making it another significant long-term repercussion associated with a sex crime conviction.

What Defenses Can Be Raised if I’m Arrested for a Sex Crime in Providence? 

If you find yourself arrested for a sex crime, it’s imperative to know that there are several defenses that can be raised in response. Some of the most common ones include the following:

It may be argued that the other party willingly participated in the act, objecting to any accusations of coercion or force used. This defense can be difficult because it typically comes down to he said/she said – there isn’t usually solid proof of consent. That said, this defense can still be raised, and your testimony can be used as evidence. 

False Allegations

Sometimes, individuals may make false allegations. The motivation behind such claims can vary – anger, jealousy, or even a desire for revenge in personal or professional disagreements. By exploring the complainant’s potential motivations to lie and gathering evidence that points towards these ill intentions, this defense can cast doubt on their credibility.


With an alibi defense, you assert that you were somewhere else at the time of the alleged crime and, therefore, could not have taken part in it. This can be verified through a variety of means, such as surveillance footage, credit card records, or witness statements. The effectiveness of this defense relies heavily on your ability to prove your presence elsewhere during the incident.


Mistaken identity often happens in criminal cases. You may defend yourself by providing evidence that the alleged victim or a witness inaccurately identified you as the perpetrator. 

A legal defense against sex crime charges can vary widely. With professional legal guidance, these defenses can contribute to proving your innocence or securing a reduced sentence.

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