Understanding Grounds for Criminal Appeal: Fighting for Justice

Facing a loved one’s conviction can be an emotional roller coaster. The day of the sentencing can feel like the lowest point of the entire experience.  However, it’s crucial to remember that the legal system allows for avenues of appeal that can lead to a better outcome. Focusing on the appeal is a good way for families to continue fighting for their loved one’s freedom.

One of the main grounds for a criminal appeal is errors or misconduct during the legal proceedings. This could include mistakes made by the judge, improper jury instructions, or misconduct by the prosecutors and police. By highlighting these errors, an appeals lawyer can argue that the trial was not conducted fairly, potentially leading to a new trial or a reversal of the conviction.

2. Constitutional Violations

Appeals can also be based on constitutional violations, such as the defendant’s rights violations during the investigation, trial, or sentencing phases. Common constitutional violations include illegal searches and seizures, denial of the right to legal counsel, or cruel and unusual punishment. Highlighting these violations is important during the direct appeal.

Finally, appeals can be based on substantial legal errors significantly impacting the trial outcome. This could include misinterpretation or misapplication of the law, incorrect rulings on a Motion for a New Trial, or prejudicial errors that influenced the jury’s decision. Identifying and demonstrating these legal errors is essential in seeking a favorable outcome in an appeal.

4. Jury Issues

If there were problems with how the jury was selected or influenced in a way that affected the verdict, that is also a valid reason for an appeal.

5. Prosecutor Misconduct

If the prosecutor acted unfairly or dishonestly during the trial, like hiding evidence or misleading the jury, it can be a strong point to raise on an appeal.

6.  Sentencing Errors

If there were mistakes or unfairness in how the punishment was decided, such as giving too harsh a sentence or not considering important factors, it could be a reason to appeal. 

7.  Unique Case Circumstances

Every case is different, and there can be more grounds to support an appeal.  It is important that your appeal lawyer “think outside the box” and look for every single possible argument.  Every single issue is worth examining when it comes to someone’s life and liberty. 

In conclusion, understanding the grounds for a criminal appeal is crucial for families advocating for their loved one’s rights and freedom. It’s important to seek legal guidance and support throughout the appeal process to navigate the complexities of the legal system effectively. Remember, fighting for justice is challenging, but the right appeals lawyer can review the entire trial and find the best arguments to submit to the appeals court.  Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Lawyers have experience handling all types of felony appeals and will walk you through every step of the next phase of the fight for Justice.  

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