Ten Reasons Not to Run from the Cops – Even When You Really, Really Want to

Let’s skip the part where we tell you what to do – that isn’t our job!  If you already have a warrant out for your arrest and you are considering running from the police – either sprinting in the other direction OR trying to avoid capture as long as possible – then please consider the following ten things.  

1.  Escalation of Force: Running from the police can escalate the situation, leading to a more intense confrontation and potentially putting yourself and others in danger.  If the police want you, they will put effort into finding you.  When that happens, the chances of you being harmed go way up.  

2. Increased Charges: Fleeing from law enforcement can result in additional charges, such as resisting arrest or obstruction of justice, which could lead to more severe penalties.  In other words, it can make everything worse.  

3. Your Health: Many people don’t think about this, but if you are sick or injured while you’re “on the run,” it isn’t easy to get help for your condition.  This can seriously jeopardize your well-being.  Add to this the increased adrenaline, paranoia, and stress, and your health is absolutely compromised by avoiding capture. 

4. Harm to Innocent Bystanders: Running from the police increases the risk of collateral damage to innocent bystanders near the pursuit. Chases involving police can be hazardous, with the potential for accidents, falls, or even physical altercations that could result in serious injury or death.  

5. Legal Consequences: If caught, running can lead to harsher legal consequences, including longer sentences and a more challenging legal defense.  We had a trial recently where the worst fact at the trial was that the defendant fled after the crime.  Did you know the jury can be instructed that flight may be evidence of guilt?  

6. Damage to Reputation: Fleeing from law enforcement can tarnish your reputation and make it more difficult to navigate the legal system or rehabilitate your image in the future.  Also, the more the case is in the news, the harder it is to get a fair jury.  

7. Negative Impact on Future Opportunities: Criminal records resulting from fleeing from the police can limit future employment, educational, and housing opportunities.  Imagine beating the charges, but you’re stuck with the resisting arrest count.

8. Emotional and Psychological Toll: The stress and anxiety of being on the run can take a significant toll on your mental health and well-being, impacting your quality of life and relationships.  

9. Loss of Trust and Support: Fleeing from law enforcement can erode trust and support from family, friends, and community members, making it harder to rebuild relationships and seek help when needed.  Your family won’t appreciate the police banging on their doors and tapping their phones to try to find you. (The police effort will depend on the charges, of course.) 

10. Alternative Options Available: There are often alternative options, such as seeking legal counsel and exercising your rights, which can lead to a more favorable outcome in the long run. It may feel like you have no option right now, but you won’t know that until you talk it out with a defense lawyer looking out for your best interest. 

At Manosh Payette Criminal Defense Attorney, we are here for you.  Yes, even when it feels like nobody else is.  Call us, and we will talk you through it.  

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