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DCYF Interviews After an Accusation of a Sex Crime

DCYF Interviews After an Accusation of a Sex Crime

This page is designed to provide quick guidance and support for parents facing the challenging scenario of their husband being accused of a sex crime, leading to inquiries by the Department for Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). We understand the gravity of this situation and are here to offer insights on how to approach interviews and protect the well-being of your children.

Understanding DCYF Inquiries

First, it is important to think about the role and responsibilities of the Department of Children,Youth and Families.  This agency exists to safeguard children's welfare.  While you know your spouse, and understand that he would never harm your children, DCYF does not know anything other than the accusation.  The agency has a responsibility to make sure that no children are endangered.  In short, if you have children and your spouse has been accused - DCYF is likely going to become involved.  

Prioritizing Your Child's Well-Being

It is important to ensure your children's emotional and psychological well-being during this challenging period. Brainstorm strategies to create a supportive environment that fosters open communication and minimizes the potential impact of the investigation.  Your children will want your reassurance that “everything is ok” - even when you may be feeling stress, fear, or anxiety, it is important to prioritize your children's sense of normalcy.

Preparation for Interviews

It is difficult to prepare your children for interviews with DCYF officials. On the one hand, you want your children to know what to expect.  On the other hand, you do not want to be accused of attempting to interfere with the agency's investigation process.  Understand the importance of honest yet age-appropriate communication, empowering your children to express themselves while also addressing any concerns they may have.

Legal Considerations

Hiring an attorney immediately will help you identify and address the legal implications and your rights as a parent when DCYF requests to talk to your children. Learn about your right to have legal representation present during interviews, as well as the importance of understanding the process and potential outcomes.

Choosing Legal Counsel

The most important thing you can do after your spouse is accused of a serious crime is to find and choose a qualified attorney experienced in child sex cases. It is important to understand the significance of having legal support to navigate the intricacies of DCYF interviews, investigations, and potential legal proceedings.

Maintaining Family Support

Find strategies for maintaining a sense of normalcy and stability within your family during this challenging time. Our attorney can offer advice on how to address the emotional impact on your children while also seeking the support your family needs.

Seeking Professional Help

Discover the importance of seeking guidance from professionals such as therapists, counselors, and support groups. These resources can play a crucial role in helping your family cope with the emotional toll of the situation.


Facing DCYF interviews following an accusation of a sex crime involving your husband is undoubtedly a difficult situation. This guide is designed to provide you with information and guidance to navigate this sensitive and complex process. Always remember that seeking legal counsel and professional support is vital in protecting your children's well-being and your family's future.  Contact Manosh Payette, LLC, because your future deserves the best defense

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