What Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Providence?

Picturesque Providence, Rhode Island, is not all arts and architecture. This city, home to approximately 189,000 residents, is a modern city facing modern problems, including crime. While the total number of property and violent crimes went down between 2017 and 2022, the most recent year still saw:

  • Nine homicides
  • 161 forcible sexual offenses
  • 732 motor vehicle thefts
  • 783 total violent crimes
  • 5,143 total property crimes

This does not mean Providence is unsafe. Instead, to enjoy yourself and remain safe, it is important for you to know where the safe neighborhoods in Providence are and what neighborhoods should be avoided.

Examining publicly available crime data, various areas of Providence are assigned a grade from A to F. A grade of A indicates an area where the violent crime incidence rate is low. A grade of F indicates an area with a higher crime incidence rate and, by extension, a higher risk of being victimized.

Southwest Providence Harbor

The area along the Providence Harbor waterfront, south of Portugal Parkway and east of Allens Avenue, is shaded in red on CrimeGrade.org’s map. This indicates a grade of F for the Southwest and an area with a higher incidence of violent crime. The area does not begin to improve until south of Thurbers Avenue.

Northwest Providence Harbor

Travel west along Portugal Parkway to East Franklin Street and around to Memorial Boulevard, and you will be driving around another one of Providence’s more dangerous areas. Like the southwest harbor area, this is also colored red and earns a grade of F. You must travel west of Valley Street before the neighborhoods begin to improve.

Angell Street to Pitman Street

Finally, the area between Angell Street and Pitman Street from Butler Avenue to Gano Street is also colored red on the crime map. This is surprising because this neighborhood is surrounded by areas with average crime rates and bordered on the north by an area with a low crime rate.

Top Three Safe Neighborhoods In Providence

The following areas of Providence are all shaded green on the CrimeGrade.org map. This tells you that each of these areas of town has a low crime rate compared to other parts of town. 

Lloyd Avenue to Angell Street

This area is located just north of one of the more unsafe parts of Providence. Bordered by Lloyd Avenue on the north, Arlington Avenue on the west, Angell Street on the south, and Wayland Avenue on the east is a neighborhood that enjoys a low crime rate.

Pierce Athletic Complex

On the east side of Providence Harbor lies the Pierce Athletic Complex. Nearly the entire area, which is bordered by South Broadway and Veterans Memorial Parkway, is shaded green on the crime map.

North Providence Harbor

Travel farther up Providence Harbor to the area of Blackstone Boulevard and Irving Avenue, and you will encounter another area of Providence where you are less likely to encounter violent crime.

Providence Is a Safe Town if You Stay Smart

Generally, the areas to the west of Providence Harbor have a higher incidence rate of violent crime than those on the east side. No matter the area of Providence in which you find yourself, remain alert to your surroundings and trust your instincts. Finally, if you feel unsafe in a particular area of town, do not stop there unless you must.

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