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Have you been arrested for shoplifting in Providence, Rhode Island? Although this is one of the least severe theft crimes, it may still be charged as a felony under certain circumstances. To best protect your legal rights and interests, you’ll want Manosh Payette, LLC on your side.

We’re one of the area’s most well-respected criminal defense law firms. Our top-rated Providence shoplifting lawyers have 36 years of combined experience; in that time, they’ve successfully handled thousands of cases. If you hire us, we’ll create and follow through with a defense strategy uniquely tailored to the facts and circumstances of your situation.

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How Manosh Payette, LLC Can Help if You’ve Been Charged With Shoplifting in Providence

How Manosh Payette, LLC Can Help if You’ve Been Charged With Shoplifting in Providence

Shoplifting charges should not be overlooked in Rhode Island. A conviction can seriously affect your freedom going forward, including the possibility of jail time. However, it’s critical to remember that the prosecution must prove every element of your charges “beyond a reasonable doubt.” There’s still time to fight back with help from an experienced attorney.

Manosh Payette, LLC is led by two nationally recognized Providence criminal defense attorneys who are passionate about standing up for the rights of the accused. Our lawyers formerly worked as attorneys for the Rhode Island Office of the Public Defender, meaning they know state law and how the local criminal justice system works as well as anyone. We can help you by:

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Shoplifting Law in Providence, Rhode Island

R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-41-20 covers the offense of shoplifting in the State of Rhode Island. The statute describes four types of behaviors that can result in shoplifting charges. Under the law, it is illegal to:

These descriptions are exactly how they appear in the text. In more plain English, they may be read more or less as follows, respectively:

There are a few aspects of this law worth noting. For one, you can still be charged with shoplifting even if you weren’t actually the person who took the item – so long as you were “in consort with another [person].” 

For another, each category of shoplifting under state statute includes the phrase “with the intention of.” This means that the prosecution must provide evidence that demonstrates your state of mind at the time of the alleged shoplifting. Since the burden of proof standard for criminal cases is the highest in the law, this leaves a qualified defense attorney significant room to argue in response.

What Are the Penalties for a Shoplifting Conviction in Providence, RI?

By default, shoplifting is a misdemeanor offense in Rhode Island. The penalties for a conviction are:

However, if a person has been previously convicted of shoplifting merchandise with a value of over $100, the offense may be brought as a felony instead. The penalties resulting from a felony shoplifting conviction in the state are:

It’s possible that other penalties may be assessed as well, depending on the facts of the particular case.

Collateral Consequences

A shoplifting conviction can also potentially impact your life in other ways, beyond those imposed by the court. These include, for example:

These collateral consequences are more likely to come into play if you are convicted of a felony, and not all will attach to every case – nonetheless, some may apply even to the misdemeanor version of the offense.

What Defenses Can I Raise Against My Shoplifting Charges in Providence?

There are many ways to respond to shoplifting charges, though the exact defense(s) available will depend on the circumstances of your specific case. Potential defenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

Upon hiring us, our legal team will conduct extensive legal research and other investigatory work in support of your defense. We’ll then move forward with the most effective strategy possible based on all the available information and resources.

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Shoplifting charges in Providence, Rhode Island, carry potential penalties and consequences that can substantially impact your life for the foreseeable future. However, you may still have time to offer a defense that allows you to secure a more favorable outcome for your case.

You can feel confident that you’re in good hands if you hire our trusted Providence shoplifting attorneys with Manosh Payette, LLC . With nearly four decades of combined experience and familiarity with the local courts and laws, we’re uniquely qualified to represent you effectively at each stage of the process.

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