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Removed From The Sex Offender Registry

When JK pled to a second-degree sexual assault in the 1990's, he faced the collateral consequence of having to register as a sex offender and have his name and personal information publicized on the online Rhode Island sex offender database.  Year after year, he updated his registration information and complied with all of the requirements of probation and the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.  When he met with Kara Hoopis Manosh, he had one goal: Get off the public registry.  After a comprehensive review of his entire case, Attorney Manosh filed an application for post-conviction relief and argued that JK's rights had been violated because his attorney in the sexual assault case never told him about all of the requirements of the Rhode Island Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.  Attorney Manosh argued that it was a violation of the 6th Amendment to fail to notify your client of these consequences and it was a violation of Due Process for the Court to fail to notify JK about these consequences at the time of the plea.  The Superior Court agreed and vacated the conviction.  JK was officially off the Registry... and his record had no trace of a sex offense. 

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