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Falsely Accused of Robbery

When JF was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery, he was shocked.  The State asked that he be held without bail until trial, but Kara Hoopis Manosh requested an immediate bail hearing in order to confront the so-called victim.  At the hearing, the State presented a story of a young man who was jumped by two strangers and robbed of his cash and cell phone.  The police found the cell phone... at JF's apartment.  Case closed, right? Not quite.  On cross-examination, Kara Hoopis Manosh asked this "victim" what his cell phone number was.  He told her.  Then she reminded the "victim" that the police had his cell phone in evidence.  The "victim" started to squirm.  Kara held up the phone for him to see... and asked him what they were going to see when they looked at his text messages.  Last chance to tell the truth kid... Kara asked him, "Anything you want to add before we crack this phone open?" The "victim" started to change his story so fast, that the judge stopped the hearing right there.  Turns out, these weren't strangers- the kid was a drug dealer and JF was a customer.  When the kid tried to steal JF's money, he ran away so fast that he dropped his phone! Then he called the police and played victim.  Bail was set.  JF was released.  The entire case was dismissed a few weeks later.  

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