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Rhode Island Domestic Defense Lawyers

When you are accused of a domestic crime, your life can quickly feel like it has been turned upside down.  Not only do you have to go to Court and face prosecution and loss of your freedom - you also have to deal with the fallout just from being accused.  Your employer, your friends, your neighbors... everyone has an opinion about "domestic violence offenders," and it isn't a good one.  You need more than a defense in court, you need a strategy to get your life and your reputation back.  

Our attorneys have the experience to navigate this minefield.  Your case strategy will address all of the realities for a domestic accusation.  Domestic cases come with years of history, even though the prosecutor would like to make the entire case all about one small incident.  There is always more to the story, and we know that your defense should include a careful investigation into the past and not just the current allegation. 

Did you know?

In Rhode Island, the police or prosecutors can charge a violation under the Domestic Violation Prevention Act.  This not only charges the crime (for example: assault, stalking, sexual assault, homicide, etc) but it also adds penalties if you are convicted. The police do not need a warrant to arrest someone within 24 hours under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act.  It is very important to hire an attorney that is experienced handling domestic violence offenses - not only negotiating, but litigating and taking the case to trial, when necessary.  

What happens at an arraignment for a domestic crime?

When you are first arraigned, a no-contact order will issue.  This can be very unfair but it will happen in almost every single case.  Even though you are presumed innocent, you may have to leave your home and you could be denied access to your property.  You will not be allowed to possess firearms, and you will be prohibited from contacting the protected party.  These bail conditions are punishable by jail time if you are accused of a violation.  Our attorneys will carefully walk you through this time in your life, and make sure that you have a plan to keep yourself safe from any allegations of bail violations. 

What are the possible sentences for a domestic crime?

If convicted of a domestic violence crime, you could be facing:

  • Mandatory jail sentence
  • Court-ordered counseling
  • No contact orders
  • Family Court and/or DCYF involvement
  • Loss of firearms and rights to possess firearm
  • Employment loss
  • Public housing loss
  • Violation of the terms of your college loans
  • Immigration consequences
When can a crime be charged as a "domestic"?

The police can charge a crime as a domestic crime whenever the parties are:

  • spouses or former spouses
  • adult persons related by blood 
  • adult persons living together (roommates)  
  • people who have children in common
  • people who are in a significant dating relationship
Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Yes.  These cases are much more complicated than other crimes because they often jeopardize all of the things that matter the most: Your reputation, your home, and your family.  Call Manosh Payette, LLC for a case strategy session to review your case and to find the best possible path through this serious charge.  401.854.7794. 

Please review the Case Results page for a sample of how our law firm works and the kinds of results we achieve.  This is a law firm with a proven record of success in domestic violence cases. 

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