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When JS was charged with a felony domestic assault, he thought his only option was to take a deal.  He had a long criminal record and felt like nobody was going to believe him that he did nothing wrong this time.  He met with Kara Hoopis Manosh and they spent hours strategizing a trial, just to see what it would look like.  They examined the evidence together and realized something.  His ex-wife was accusing him of smashing a bottle over her head, but the police officers that arrived on scene did not see any broken bottles.  They also didn't take any pictures of injuries, which suggested that they didn't see any injuries either.  JS decided to take the case to trial, with Kara by his side.  He did not testify, so the jury would not hear about his long criminal history- just in case they used that against him or felt that he had a bad character (he didn't- he was a hard worker who had moved on from his past).  Kara cross-examined the ex-wife about all of the inconsistencies... "A 6-foot-tall man smashed a bottle over your head and you didn't get a scratch?!?"  The police admitted that they saw nothing to substantiate this claim.  The jury deliberated and then returned their verdict... NOT GUILTY.  

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