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When the police were called for a reported stabbing, they located a gravely wounded young man and found JM nearby... holding the knife that had been used to cut the man.  The man recovered and identified JM as his attacker.  JM was charged with Assault with Intent to Murder, and was facing serious jail time and deportation if convicted.  JM's story was complicated- but it was the truth.  Kara Hoopis Manosh used every part of the trial to get the jury to want to hear the whole story- they were eager for JM to tell them what really happened.  JM testified clearly and to every single element of self-defense. It was the man who had tried to rob JM, and JM had been beaten so badly that he had a seizure (hospital records confirmed this).  JM saw the knife and grabbed it.  He only used it to save his own life.  The police found him nearby because he was so badly injured that he couldn't run away.  He was still holding the knife because he was still terrified.  The State's offer started at 10 years in jail... dropped to 5 years in jail after the complainant was cross-examined... then dropped to a misdemeanor after JM testified. It's hard to convince a jury, but it's even harder to convince a prosecutor! JM rejected every offer and waited for the jury's verdict- NOT GUILTY on all counts.   

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