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How to Fight a Gun Charge Under Bruen

Posted by Elizabeth Payette | Sep 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

In June of 2022, the United States Supreme Court expanded an individual's second amendment right to bear arms in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen.  The Bruen case primarily revolved around the issue of whether the Second Amendment protects the right to carry firearms outside the home for self-defense. The ruling in this case has broadened the Second Amendment's interpretation, which could be instrumental in challenging restrictive gun laws. Since this decision, there have been countless challenges to existing gun laws including in Rhode Island. 

A key takeaway from the Bruen decision is the emphasis on the historical perspective. Because of this, criminal defense attorneys need to understand this decision when challenging gun laws.  It is crucial to present a thorough analysis of historical gun regulations and their implications on individual rights. This approach can help establish that the law in question is not in line with historical norms and should therefore be deemed unconstitutional.

This case highlights the significance of having a skilled attorney who can navigate complex gun cases to achieve the best possible outcome for their client.  It is vital to hire an attorney who understands Bruen's implications and use its ruling to help their clients fight their gun case. This case allows for novel challenges to current gun laws and individuals charged with violating these laws deserve a criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to make these novel arguments on their behalf in Court.

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Attorney Payette is an experienced trial lawyer who has devoted her entire career to defending and advocating for my clients.  She has successfully defended clients in countless felony bench and jury trials and litigated numerous pretrial motions.


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