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Facing Life In Prison

CG was arrested and charged with first degree sexual assault after his wife accused him of raping her during an argument- a charge that carries a possible sentence of life in prison.  Like most domestic accusations, there was much more to the story than what the wife told the police.  Just because of the accusation, CG was held without bail at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution.  The Family Court ruled that he lost custody of his daughter.  Immediately, his defense team went to work to get him released on bail while awaiting trial.  This is not an easy accomplishment during a rape case, but the hearing justice agreed to release CG.  The next part of the strategy was to help him find stable housing, a job, and all of the tools he would need to get custody and visitation rights back.  Again, with careful planning and strategizing, he and his lawyers accomplished this goal also.  Finally, it was time for trial.  His wife testified to a violent argument and a terrifying sexual assault... but on cross-examination, her story fell apart.  Attorney Kara Hoopis Manosh was able to carefully pick apart every detail of her story, and spent hours confronting her with every lie and exaggeration.  This wasn't the first time she had accused someone of assaulting her... and she always did this right before it was discovered that she was cheating.  At the end of cross-examination, the prosecutor offered CG a misdemeanor to close the case, and he admitted to pushing his wife during the argument.  The jurors were excused, but they stopped to tell Attorney Manosh that they agreed with the result of the case. The sexual assault charge was removed and CG was able to move on with his life.  

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