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He Said, She Said

When M.G. was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, it didn't take long for him to feel like nobody wanted to hear his side of the story.  The ex-girlfriend had filed charges and gotten a restraining order so fast, M.G. didn't have time to remove his things from their apartment.  Her story was that M.G. came home drunk and attacked her.  Nobody even asked M.G. for his story- until he met with Kara Hoopis Manosh.  The offer was considered a "good offer" because it didn't involve jail time... but M.G. was innocent and did not want the collateral consequences of a domestic conviction - like losing his job, having to take (and pay for) months of domestic violence counseling, and the loss of his reputation by people thinking that he committed this crime.  He was nervous about going to trial- he had heard that "everybody believes women."  After consulting with Kara Hoopis Manosh about all of the risks of a domestic violence trial in Rhode Island, M.G. decided to fight the charges.  The ex-girlfriend testified, and was cross-examined by Kara Hoopis Manosh about all of the parts of her story that just didn't make sense.  Then, M.G. testified.  He was prepared, he was calm and he was honest.  Kara Hoopis Manosh argued that M.G.'s version of events was more believable... and if the judge wasn't sure who to believe, then that is a win for the Defendant, because the burden of proof is always on the prosecution to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.  M.G. walked out of the courtroom exonerated. He was found Not Guilty, and the records of the arrest were expunged soon after.  

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