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Caught in a Lie

S.C. was accused of using a gun to commit an assault on his girlfriend- holding it to her head and threatening to kill her.  This serious allegation was worse because S.C. was already on probation for felony convictions.  The offer by the State was for jail time - not months, but years in jail.  At the violation hearing, the complainant took the stand and told the Court exactly what she had told the police and the prosecutor.  What the complainant did not realize was that Kara Hoopis Manosh had been following her social media accounts, where she had been bragging about lying to put S.C. in jail because he had cheated on her.  When confronted by her social media posts, the complainant denied making the posts.  Incredibly, over the lunch break she went on the same accounts and made posts about what a [EXPLETIVE] that Kara is.  Kara checked the accounts over lunch and had them printed out to show the complainant... who had a hard time denying that they were her accounts now.  Kara has never been so happy to be called a [EXPLETIVE].  It resulted in S.C. getting out of jail two days before Christmas.  

Practice area(s): Domestic Violence

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